Our Process:
                                                                  (1)  First we sketch your job, taking preliminary measurements, and                                                                               getting some information on exactly what you are looking for. This                                                                           can also be accomplished with a cabinet layout provided by your                                                                             builder.
                                                                  (2) Once this is completed we will put this information into our software                                                                         and provide you with a labor quote, that includes what we call our                                                                             Promo-Colors for Stone Selection. This estimate can change          

      depending on the stone you choose. Other things that can cause the estimate to change is if the cabinets         or cabinet layout change significantly. But the changes are usually small.
(3)  We will meet you at our Stone Supplier - Triton Stone of Knoxville and show you the selections that are    

       included in your estimate. There are always at least 20 options and most of our clients find what they are          looking for within this selection. You will also have the option to upgrade your stone, in which case we      

       will provide you with the additional cost – while we are there- so you can make a selection on your stone          the same day if you wish.
(4)  Once you have chosen your stone and confirmed the invoice total we will require a deposit to be made on

      your account. This amount is usually 50% of the total and is required to cover the purchase of your

      materials. We arrange with Triton to have the stone delivered to our shop. If you choose a really expensive

      stone, we may require a larger deposit to cover this cost.
(5) The next step in this process is the template appointment. This is where we create an exact diagram of

      your job that is used for cutting your pieces to the correct measurements. If you have existing counter

      tops, they will need to be removed prior to our templating. Tear-out is an extra service that we offer for a

     minimal rate that includes removing and hauling away your existing tops. If you are interested in this

     service, just let us know.
(6) THAT’S IT! Once the template is complete, we will begin working on your counter tops and will contact you

      to schedule an installation date. This process is usually a 3-4 day turn-around, however, this time-frame    

      can sometimes change due to delivery of material, inclement weather, or other reasons - but don’t worry,

      we stay in contact with you through the whole process so you’ll know what’s going on.
(7) INSTALLATION DAY: Our installation day is a delivery and inspection appointment. Once we are finished

     with the installation, you will have an opportunity to inspect your job and have any questions answered.

     We do require the reaming balance to be paid in full on this day.

WE SPECIALIZE in hand crafted custom stone counter tops. We also take our high level of customer service VERY seriously. We know this is a big investment for you and that's why we stay in contact through the whole process. We welcome your questions! We know you will LOVE your counter tops when we are finished, so we don't mind keeping you informed from beginning to end.


Provide you with proof of liability insurance

Be upfront with you regarding ALL costs

Offer a second template appointment to verify measurements once cabinets are installed

Stay in contact with your during the whole process