Farm Sinks - Really popular right now! Did you know that you need special cabinets designed for the depth and weight of a farm sink! Also the sink needs to be installed BEFORE your counter tops get templated, to give you the best outcome! 


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There are hundreds of stone options - but unlike choosing a paint color, you are limited on the style. Especially natural stone. Make sure you get your whole over all design before moving forward. Floors, Cabinets AND counter tops - this will help alleviate stress! All the time we encounter customers who get new floors and cabinets installed and then start shopping for stone... then the stone they love doesn't fit with their design! 

Faucets - There is very little that can be done to alter the thickness of your counter tops without compromising the material. When picking your faucets, make sure you take that into consideration. You will need to purchase faucets made to go with the thickness of stone tops, or let your plumber know you'll need an adapter kit!